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A batch HIT is a task that you can preform over and over again. These are good when you are trying to get your numbers up. Batches are usually HITs than can be done within a minute or two. Some can even be completed in under 10 seconds. Their pay is usually not the best, but they will increase your approval percentage incase of a rejection.

An easy way to search for large batch HITs is to sort your search results with the "HITs Available (most first)" option. This is located on the left side of the screen above all of the HITs that are available to do.

Most first.png


A survey is a HIT that you can (usually) only preform once. They can be political, involve completing different tasks, games, and many other things. These are normally worth more per HIT than a batch HIT.

A good way to sort your batches is by selecting the option "HIT Creation Date (newest first)". This option can be found on the left side of the screen above the HITs from your search result. This will ensure that you are able to grab new HITs as soon as they are posted.

Creation date.png


Many different HITs will require you to have specific qualifications. Examples of these qualifications are listed below.

  • HIT approval is greater than 98%
  • Total HITs approved is over 1000
  • Location is US
  • CastingWords PPT is not less than 80

Some of these are unchangeable (such as your location), while others you have to work in order to achieve (approval percentage and HITs approved). Other qualifications are ones that you have to obtain yourself. Many requestors will have a qualification you can request specfically for their HITs, and their HITs will be available only to those turkers that possess it.

Qualifications can be found under the Qualifications tab located at the top of the page.


Here you can find the tabs for qualifications you don't have yet, the ones you do have, and the ones that are currently pending.

Qual tabs.png

Some qualifications will require you to take a short test in order to request them:

Take qual test.png

Qual test.png

While others simply require you to click the request qualification button:

No test.png


There may be a time that you are in the middle of a batch and all of a sudden it wants you to enter in a short string of letters and numbers. This is called a captcha and is put in place to make sure that you are not a bot. You have 3 chances to enter the captcha in correctly or else your account will be halted for FIVE MINUTES.


However, even if a captcha is entered correctly, if someone else has already accepted that HIT... it will take it as incorrectly entered and count towards one of your three chances. In order to be able to quickly and correctly fill in a captcha and be able to get back to your batch, search for a requestor that is common and has many HITs put up. Fill in the captcha, accept the HIT, return it, and then proceed back to your batch.

Requesters to Look Out For