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Welcome to mTurk Wiki your future home for all things Amazon Mechanical Turk. Soon this wiki will have information on requesters, scripts, tools, and other resources. Whether you are an advanced veteran or a fresh newbie, mTurk Wiki will be for you!

As of now, this wiki will be locked for account registration. If you are an experienced wiki editor or are just boiling over with mTurk knowledge and want to help out, then send an email to with your information and an account will be created for you.

Newcomers Central Getting Started With mTurk by Aphotic
What is mTurk?
Your First HIT
10 Day Probation
Your Amazon Payments Account
Your First Rejection
Contacting a Requester
Getting Masters Qualification
Soft Blocks vs. Hard Blocks
HITs Assigned To You
HIT Types
HIT Milestones
Requesters Scripts Browser Add-ons & Extensions Guides & Resources
Great HIT Export For phpBB Chrome Page Monitor Chrome.png Guideline for Academic Requesters
Highlight Unhighlightable Text Check4Change Firefox.png Requester Batch/Repeat Links
MTurk Expanded Header Info Context Menu Search Turk Alert
mTurk HIT Database Copy Links Firefox.png Working With Auto Accept Links
Pending Earnings Page Refresh Chrome.png
Requester ID & Auto Approval Time (Formatted) ReloadEvery Firefox.png
Today's Projected Earnings Mobile Apps
Turkopticon mTurk Wake Up Call