MTurk HIT Database

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mTurk HIT Database
Summary Extended ability to search HITs you have worked on and other useful tools (CSV export, requester notes, requester block, pending/projected earnings)
Author ThirdClassInternationalMasterTurker
Version 1.5
Download mTurk HIT Database

Backing Up Your Database

Until the full page is completed for this script, if you are looking to backup your database you can find the files here:

Do a general search on your C:\ drive for IndexedDB

Depending on your setup, you may have several returns on the search. You will be looking for one with / in the results.

The path may look something like this:


Once you locate the folder, make a copy of it somewhere safe and be sure to get the file inside. It will have a file that has a bunch of numbers that ends with .sqlite

If something ever goes haywire with the script and you lose your data, then just copy over the saved file to restore.