Getting Masters Qualification

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Advantages of Being a Master

• Exclusive access to HITs that require a Masters qualification.
• No more CAPTCHAs!
• Access to a private forum just for Masters.

How a Turker Becomes a Master

There is no clear outline as to how a turker gets a Master qual. However, there are things you can do that would certainly help your chances of obtaining it.

  1. Participate in a wide range of HITs. Transcriptions, categorization tasks, and surveys are just a small sample of what you can do on Mturk.
  2. Do a large number of HITs. The more HITs you do daily, the better your chances.
  3. Keep your approval percentage high. No one wants a master with a 95% approval rate. Keep it at 98% or above.
  4. Take advantage of all the available qualifications you can request. The more quals you have, the more HITs you can do. More HITs = Better chances of becoming a Master.
  5. It doesn't matter how many times you request the Master qual. It is not going to work.

There is no specific number of approved HITs or time signed up on Mturk for this qual. Some have gotten it at under 10K HITs approved, while others are over 80K and still waiting for it.