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Context Menu Search is a Chrome extension that expands on Chrome's ability to highlight text and search for it on a given search engine. In a Tuker's case this would mainly be on, but, for the extremely creative, it can serve many uses. Below I will show you how to set it up for and another use for a specific HIT. Where else you take it will depend on your specific need and ability.


Download Context Search Menu HERE.

Default Context Menu Search

Here is an example of any browsers default highlight and search ability. With CMS you can expand on that by adding new variables and new search engines to your searching ability.


Configuring CMS

Once you have the extension installed highlight any text and right click it. Click on the CMS option, then click on "Options".


This will bring you to the CMS options page where there are built in search engines you can add or manually add your own that are not on the list.


Here is how you will add mTurk as one of your new search engine options:


For "Display name" enter: mTurk

For "Link" enter:

The word "TESTSEARCH" will be replaced with what ever text you have highlighted.

This might prove to be convenient if you see a requester name or HIT title and want to easily search for it on

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