How to become "Vested"

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How to become "Vested"

Postby ChrisM77 » March 29th, 2013, 4:31 pm


mTurk Wiki is excited to announce the new "Vested" program! The Vested program is a way to reward the people that go out of their way to make mTurk Wiki a better place for everyone! Many Turkers are aware of r/HWTF and know that the people that take the time to share good HITs are monetarily rewarded by using to shorten and monetize their links. The "Vested" program works on the same premises but, at the same time, should give the member a sense of ownership in the site.

The program is simple, once you establish yourself as a valuable member of the community, then you will be recognized as Vested and given ad space on the site. There will be one ad that runs below the first post on every page of every thread. Each time that section is viewed there is a random chance that a Vested member's ad will show. Every member's ad spot will be weighted the same, meaning no one ad has priority over another. So, in the long run, every ad will receive the same amount of views.

What can I display in my ad spot?

That is solely the choice of the Vested member. The obvious choice is Google Adsense, but you can be as creative as you like. Have a blog you want to advertise? Have an Amazon affiliate account you want to sell with? Do you use SwagBucks on the side? It is completely your choice.

How do I become "Vested"?

Much like the Masters program with mTurk there is no set or defined criteria for becoming Vested. Simply put, the people that are deserving of the program will stand out naturally. When this happens it will be brought up among the other Vested members and the new person will be put to a vote. If at any point you feel like someone is deserving and has not been given the Vested status, then feel free to PM me or anyone else that is in the program and/or post in this thread "nominating" that person.

Can I lose Vested status?

Yes. If you become vested and disappear then you will again be put up for vote among the other Vested members and your status changed accordingly. The Vested program is designed and intended to keep members active in the community.

Who is Vested now and why?

Here is a current list of vested members and why they were chosen. As new members are added this list will be updated.

adare (Hiatus)

Simply put, adare is my right hand woman. (Which is pretty gross considering the things my right hand has done) Seriously, just about everything good that has happened with this site, adare has been a part of. There is so much behind the scenes that she has done that many do not know about. She has very actively pursued and recruited new members, tirelessly worked on many of the great articles on the wiki, she is a voice and admin on the Facebook page, and she has been a moderator on the forums since nearly day one.


We came into this site on a turbulent, adolescent roller coaster. I knew that to maintain order we needed someone that 1.) Everyone would listen to. 2.) Was a foundation for stability while still being able to have fun. and 3.) Was a Total Babe. So, obviously, TotalBabe was the first choice to have a moderator position. And, as if that isn't enough, TotalBabe defines mTurking professionalism. She has been a staple of the daily HITs thread and has posted, literally, thousands of dollars worth of HITS even when there was no one around to do them.

l1n7 (Retired)

On top of loving sheep and, for some reason, Alexei - l1n7 (also known as Lint) has contributed to the Wiki and helped boost moral with adorable pictures of kittehs. But, her claim to fame would have to be being the single best HITs poster this Internets has ever seen. She is the Lebron James of the HITs thread, many days going on multiple page rampages of continuous HIT posting. She is a machine.

AlexeiRoquentin (Retired)

Alexei brings to the table a very keen knowledge of word refinery and lady swooning. Don't be fooled though, being a ladies man will not gain you Vested status. Alexei, much like l1n7 and TotalBabe, has proven himself diligently in the daily HITs thread. Many days we seem to take shifts so that the entire day is covered with HIT posting. And like the others, Alexei has been there and delivered.

Barfmaker (Retired)

Barfmaker is somewhat of a phenomenon in the mTurk world, he may not have the best stats of all time, but once you see them and then hear just how short of a time he has been on mTurk you will be blown away. (You should ask to see them sometime) His work ethic and methodical approach to turking is unmatched, of course it helps that he is part cyborg... Chatting with Barf on TurnTable or on the forums will bring not only tons of mTurk knowledge your way, but also a wealth of life knowledge.

Calyrica (Hiatus)

Calyrica is not only new to our little mTurk community, but she is also fairly new to mTurk in general. That fact alone makes her keen ability to find and post awesome HITs even more incredible! She found MTW from a Google search and quickly blew up the daily HITs thread and everyone's mind. Her story here at MTW is a perfect example of how anyone can come in and quickly reap the rewards from hard work.

aphotic (Hiatus)

aphotic is somewhat of a legend when it comes to not only Turking, but also when it comes to helping others. His work at MTF should, alone, be enough to say just how awesome he is. I look forward to seeing him be rewarded for the hard work he puts into this community.

Drewstre (Hiatus)

Drew, like Calyrica, is another that found us from outside of MTF and has quickly found a home and a helping rhythm here at MTW. He brought to us that /HWTF mentality, which says he can find HITs with the best of you. Many days here lately, Drew has helped maintain the HITs thread almost single handedly (short of the cyborgs).


vchantal was an infamous lurker. She joined MTW on February 12th and laid low for months. In her words, "I've enjoyed lurking and watching the show here". Finally, after some nudging from Adare, she broke her silence on April 29th and has been awesome ever since. vchantal is another perfect example of how any lurker can not only contribute, but get a return on their contributions.

Will you be next?
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Re: How to become "Vested"

Postby lotkrotan » May 8th, 2013, 7:25 pm

This sounds way sweeter than Turker of the Month...
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